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New Podcasts: Precession and Acceleration

by Astronomy Cast September 9, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter We’ve got two new podcasts from the Astronomy Cast team of Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain: Ep. 313: Precession, and Episode 314: Acceleration. Remove this ad

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Podcast: Accretion Discs

by Nancy Atkinson July 11, 2013

When too much material tries to come together, everything starts to spin and flatten out. You get an accretion disc. Astronomers find them around newly forming stars, supermassive black holes and many other places in the Universe. Today we’ll talk about what it takes to get an accretion disc, and how they help us understand […]

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Podcast: Death of a Spacecraft

by Astronomy Cast June 26, 2013

In the end, everything dies, even plucky space robots. Today we examine the last days of a series of missions. How do spacecraft tend to die, and what did in such heroes as Kepler, Spirit, and Galileo (the missions… not the people). Click here to download the episode. Or subscribe to: with your podcatching […]

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Podcast: Planetary Motions in the Sky

by Astronomy Cast June 24, 2013

Even the ancient astronomers knew there was something different about the planets. Unlike the rest of the stars, the planets move across the sky, backwards and forwards, round and round. It wasn’t until Copernicus that we finally had a modern notion of what exactly is going on. Click here to download the episode. Or subscribe […]

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New Podcast Series: Space Stations

by Astronomy Cast May 28, 2013

Sometimes a trilogy needs four parts! The Astronomy Cast team of Fraser Cain and Pamela Gay have taken a look at the history and modern era of space stations, as well as peering into the future at some space station concepts still in the works. You can listen to this four-part series at the Astronomy […]

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