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Asteroid Toutatis Tumbles in New Video from NASA

by Nancy Atkinson December 14, 2012

NASA has compiled the radar images taken of Asteroid Toutatis during its flyby of Earth this week to create a short movie, which shows the asteroid slowly tumbling. The 64-frame movie was generated from data gathered on December 12 and 13, 2012 by NASA’s 70-meter Goldstone Deep Space Network antenna in Goldstone, California. Nancy Atkinson […]

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Asteroid Toutatis Tumbles by Earth: Images and Videos

by Nancy Atkinson December 12, 2012

Goldstone delay-Doppler radar images of Toutatis from December 11, 2012. Credit: NASA While Asteroid 4179 Toutatis was never a threat to hit Earth during its quite-distant pass on Dec. 11-12, astronomers were keeping their instruments and eyes on this space rock to learn more about it, as well as learning more about the early solar […]

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Two Asteroids Will Buzz Past Earth on December 11

by Nancy Atkinson December 11, 2012

Four computer generated views of Asteroid Toutatis based on Goldstone radar imagery. Via NASA A newly discovered small asteroid named 2012 XE54 and a long-studied giant space rock named Toutatis will buzz past Earth during the next 24 hours, and astronomers are already watching the skies. While there is no danger of either hitting Earth, […]

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