Apollo 13

This Is What Leaving Earth Behind Really Looks Like

by Elizabeth Howell August 5, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Prepare yourself for some goosebumps. The Mercury spacecraft MESSENGER took this series of images of Earth eight years ago today as it swung by the planet (again) en route to its final destination. Few humans have seen the Earth as an […]

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Ken Mattingly Explains How the Apollo 13 Movie Differed From Real Life

by Elizabeth Howell April 17, 2013

Many astronauts seem to like the Apollo 13 movie, but being technically minded folk they also enjoy pointing out what actually happened during that so-called “successful failure” that landed safely on this day in 1970. Thomas “Ken” Mattingly was supposed to be on that crew, but was yanked at the last minute because he was exposed to the […]

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How Today’s Election Could Affect the Kansas Cosmosphere

by Elizabeth Howell November 6, 2012

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. (Elizabeth Howell) Hutchinson, KS – While the nation is polarized between choosing Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as the next American president, voters going to the polls in this city of 40,000 will have another matter to weigh during elections today. Remove this ad Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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Shrimp with a Side of Space History: Visiting Lovell’s of Lake Forest

by Elizabeth Howell August 20, 2012

It’s safe to say the Apollo 13 mission has defined my space reporting life. Watching the movie in 1996 as a teenager first got me interested in space. I subsequently devoured astronaut Jim Lovell’s and journalist Jeffrey Kluger’s account of the mission in just one day, which set off hours of reading into the Apollo […]

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50th Anniversary Ceremony Recreates First US Manned Spaceflight by Alan Shepard

by Ken Kremer May 10, 2011

NASA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first American manned spaceflight at a special ceremony on May 5, 2011 which recreated every moment of that short suborbital flight by the late Mercury astronaut Alan B. Shepard. The event unfolded from the very spot and launch pad 5/6 where he blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air […]

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