Andrew Chaikin

See the Apollo 8 “Earthrise” in a Whole New Way

by Nancy Atkinson December 20, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter One of the most famous images from the history of spaceflight is the picture taken by the crew of Apollo 8 of the “Earthrise” — the first color picture of taken of Earth as it became visible as the spacecraft came […]

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Neil Armstrong Didn’t Lie About First Words on the Moon, Historian Says

by Nancy Atkinson January 4, 2013

A small controversy has erupted over Neil Armstrong’s first words as he stepped on the Moon’s surface and how he came to say them. Armstrong had always admitted that while he had been thinking about what to say during his first steps for quite some time before the Apollo 11 mission, he didn’t actually decide […]

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Apollo’s Final Footsteps, 40 years later

by Nancy Atkinson December 14, 2012

Will there come a time when we on Earth can look up at the Moon and know that people are living there permanently? 40 years ago today, humans left the Moon for the last time during our visits during the Apollo program. Author Andrew Chaikin has been creating a series of videos on why space […]

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40 Years After Apollo, the Moon Still Beckons

by Nancy Atkinson December 5, 2012

40 years ago this week, the final Apollo mission, Apollo 17, launched to the Moon. In this new video produced by author Andrew Chaikin, geologist Paul Spudis of the Lunar and Planetary Institute explains why the Moon still beckons, “not just to visit, not just put a footprint there, but to go and understand it, […]

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A Call to Action: We Must Explore

by Nancy Atkinson May 10, 2012

Our friend Andrew Chaikin is passionate about space exploration and like many, is concerned about the budget cuts that threaten to starve NASA’s planetary science program. He has created this new video as a call to action for those of us in the US to contact our representatives, and anyone around the world to make […]

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