Alternative energy

Where Does Geothermal Energy Come From

by Tega Jessa October 14, 2010

You may not have heard much about geothermal energy but it is one of the hottest alternative energy commodities around. It is a renewable and clean energy source that will be around for a long time. However where does geothermal energy come from? The answer is the earth itself. The world geothermal comes from the […]

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What is Alternative Energy

by Tega Jessa September 29, 2010

You may have heard about alternative energy on the news and not completely understand what it means. So what is alternative energy? Alternative energy is any form of energy that does not come from fossil fuels. They are considered alternatives because they can be future replacements for the fossil fuels that now meet a considerable […]

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Carbon Footprint

by Matt Williams September 20, 2010

One of the greatest challenges human beings face today is finding ways to live sustainably with their environment. One way to do this is to assess just how much greenhouse gases we are responsible for creating, be it individually, as a community, a corporation, or even a nation. Though there are several types of greenhouse […]

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