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Nancy Atkinson is Universe Today's Senior Editor. She also works with Astronomy Cast, and is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.

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Timelapse: Sprites, Gravity Waves and Airglow

by Nancy Atkinson September 4, 2014

Look! Fast! Sprite lightning occurs only at high altitudes above thunderstorms, only last for a thousandth of a second and emit light in the red portion of the visible spectrum, so they are really difficult to see. But one of our favorite astrophotographers and timelapse artists, Randy Halverson captured sprites during a recent thunderstorm in […]

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Astrophoto: I Need Warp Speed in 3 Minutes or We’re All Dead

by Nancy Atkinson September 2, 2014

Whoa! Having just returned from the science and science fiction mashup that is Dragon Con, my mind is still combining the two. Then I saw this image from Mike Taylor, which is one of the most unique Milky Way images I’ve ever seen. Perfect! Mike said he combined two images, one for the foreground and […]

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Astrophoto: Clouds Above, Clouds Below

by Nancy Atkinson August 27, 2014

What a gorgeous view of the dusty cloud of the Milky Way arch hovering over clouds low on the horizon here on Earth! Fellow NASA Solar System Ambassador Greg Redfern took this image of our galactic center in the constellation Sagittarius. “If you have dark skies look to the south to see this grand spectacle,” […]

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Timelapse: Watch Noctilucent Clouds Cover the Entire Sky

by Nancy Atkinson August 25, 2014

This year, the noctilucent cloud season has been especially eventful, and this new timelapse from Swedish astrophotographer Göran Strand shows these “night-shining” clouds covering the entire sky over the course of 2 hours. “On the 27th of July 2014 I saw some of the most beautiful Noctilucent Clouds I’ve ever seen,” Göran said via email. […]

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Beam a Message to Mars and Support Space Research and Exploration

by Nancy Atkinson August 19, 2014

A new project from Uwingu to help address funding shortages for researchers, scientists, educators and students allows people from Earth to give a global “shout?out” to planet Mars. The project is called “Beam Me to Mars,” and it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the launch of f NASA’s Mariner 4 mission, the first successful mission […]

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