Curiosity Sol 64 Glenelg Rocknest pano crop 1_Ken Kremer

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Curiosity Sol 64 Glenelg Rocknest pano crop 1_Ken Kremer

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Dr. Ken Kremer is a speaker, research scientist, freelance science journalist (Princeton, NJ) and photographer whose articles, space exploration images and Mars mosaics have appeared in magazines, books, websites and calendars including Astronomy Picture of the Day, NBC, BBC,, Spaceflight Now and the covers of Aviation Week & Space Technology, Spaceflight and the Explorers Club magazines. Ken has presented at numerous educational institutions, civic & religious organizations, museums and astronomy clubs. Ken has reported first hand from the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, NASA Wallops, NASA Michoud/Stennis/Langley and on over 60 launches including 8 shuttle launches. He lectures on both Human and Robotic spaceflight - Follow Ken on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Denny says:

    Using a combination of photoshop and microsoft ICE- i put this same one together last week.

    Phil Plait did a little write up about it here:


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