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Google World Maps

Historical maps in Google Mars.  Credit: Google.

Historical maps in Google Mars. Credit: Google.

Google Maps is one way the internet has made our lives easier. It uses  images and maps to help you study our planet and find directions. You can find Google Maps at a number of different websites. If you are looking for Google Maps, try the following websites.

Google Maps lets you get directions to almost anywhere. They also have various features where you can view the map as a satellite image or see the terrain.

World Map Finder has a number of maps available including the Google Maps.

Map Landia has a huge database of Google World Maps all organized into categories by country. There are more than 2 million landmarks in the maps that Map Landia has.

Golf World Map has put Google Maps to a specific use. Using Google Maps, the website has marked golf courses all around the world. You can browse the courses by region or category.

Google Sky takes the idea of Google Maps to space. The website has images of outer space and lets you map different constellations in the sky. You can also search for different images, such as certain galaxies. Google Sky also has links to maps of the Moon and Mars.

This website has Google Maps transparencies. That means that it has the satellite view of Earth and a smaller window with a picture of what the same area looks like in Google Maps normal view. You can search by city or type in a latitude and longitude to see any particular location.

NightEarth.com uses images from NASA and Google Maps, so you can compare photographs of different places by day and night. They especially have images of the most populated places in the world.

Google Earth has a free version that you can download. The program lets you explore our planet with satellites, maps, 3-D terrain, and other features. You can even explore outer space using Google Earth.

Universe Today has information on Google Oceans and Google Mars and Google Earth live from Mars.

If you are looking for more information, check out how satellites work and satellite maps.

Astronomy Cast has an episode on Earth.

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