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Volcanoes for Kids

Ring of Fire Volcanoes

Ring of Fire Volcanoes

Volcanoes are destructive forces of nature that occur not only on our planet, but also on other planets in our Solar System. If you are looking for information on volcanoes for kids, then check out the following links. All of them are geared for children and have great information.

FEMA explains to kids what volcanoes are and has facts about a number of different volcanoes. The site is very kid-friendly.

Weather Wiz Kids discusses what a volcano is and how volcanoes form. They also list the different categories of volcanoes. Additionally, the website has safety tips on what to do if a volcano occurs near you and a glossary of terms associated with volcanoes. They also have a lesson plan on volcanoes and ideas for activities.

Volcano World 4 Kids has games for kids. They also have basic facts about volcanoes as well as listing where volcanoes are around the world and more resources for kids. The website has a section for educators with a number of materials including handouts.

Fun School has a recipe for the classic baking soda and vinegar  volcano. If you want to make a very fun experiment – and a great science fair project – bake a volcano out of homemade clay dough. Then paint the island and create the baking soda and vinegar volcano inside the clay volcano.

Kids Astronomy talks about the surface of the planets and how there are volcanoes on different planets.

National Geographic Kids has a video on volcanoes you can view. They also have a quiz and photos of different volcanoes.

Discovery Kids has interactive features about volcanoes. They also have an activity where you can create your own virtual volcano on the website and information on different types of volcanoes. You can also learn more about Pompeii on their website.

ESA Kids gives general information about volcanoes.

Universe Today also has articles on the Solar System for kids and the Sun for kids. Also, here are facts about volcanoes.

If you are looking for more information about volcanoes, try volcanoes and the volcanoes of deep space.

Astronomy Cast has an episode about  volcanoes hot and cold.

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