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Solar System Toys


All too often, finding the right gift seems like an impossible task. If you have a child who loves space or dreams of being an astronaut, consider some of these space-themed toys. These different websites have a wide variety of toys for different age groups. Whether you have a toddler who loves the planets or a teenager who wants to be an astronaut or rocket scientist, you will find a toy perfect for him or her. The best thing is that most of these toys are educational.

Fat Brain Toys has a variety of space toys available from magnetic puzzles to telescopes to small replicas of planets and other objects from outer space. The best thing is that the toys at this website are all educational.

Kazoo Toys offers a Solar System toy available for purchase. The model can be placed on your ceiling and lets you light up the different planets. It also comes with different stickers and a 15-minute audio guide to the Solar System. They also have links to other toys including a planetarium.

The Science Store has many gifts perfect for children of various ages. They offer a variety of astronaut suits for children who dream of going to space. They also offer DVDs on the planets for both children and adults. Action figures, puzzles, and models are just a few of the toys they have. Amateur telescopes are also available for sale.

XUMP is a science store with a wide variety of Solar System projects. They have games to help you learn more about the planets and constellations as well as a constellation projector, and they even have freeze -dried ice cream, which is what astronauts eat in space. A number of stocking stuffers, such as pens, baseball caps, key chains, and playing cards are also available.

Educational Toys Planet has telescopes for both young children and teenagers along with a number of other educational Solar System toys.

Space Toys has a ton of toys and other merchandise from which to choose. They have a line of clothing that features space clothing and jackets as well as NASA patches. The website also features a huge selection of toys including science kits, space versions of board games, and other toys. They also have a specific section of space toys for young children.

Universe Today also has articles on Solar System coloring and the Solar System for kids.

If you are looking for information on the Solar System, check out the Solar System for kids and an overview of the planets.

Astronomy Cast has an episode on each planet including Mercury.

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