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Planets Coloring Pages

Solar System montage

Solar System montage

Free printable coloring pages is a website to check out with free coloring pages of the planets and Solar System as well as pages on animals and a ton of other categories.

Teacher Planet has lesson plans as well as worksheets, activities, and clip art.

Enchanted Learning has coloring pages on the planets and parts of the Solar System that includes information.

You can find an entire printable coloring book of the Solar System here.

Teachnology has tons of worksheets and printable material on space.

Kid Zone has information about the planets as well as worksheets and coloring pages.

Try these coloring pages of the Solar System from Coloring Fun.

About.com has worksheets and coloring pages on the Solar System and the planets.

Alfy.com has coloring pages for you to print out and color.

The Teacher’s Corner has printable journal pages and bookmarks with planets and other space images on them. They also have other resources and lesson plans.

First School Years has worksheets on space along with online activities and other resources.

The Teacher’s Cafe has links to many other websites along with other resources.

Free Coloring has coloring pages about the Solar System that you can print.

NASA has resources and information on the Solar System for kids.

Discovery Education  has ideas on projects about the Solar System

Universe Today has articles on Solar System worksheets and different planets.

For more information, check out NASA’s Solar System exploration page, and here’s a link to NASA’s Solar System Simulator.

Astronomy Cast has episodes on all the planets including Mercury.

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