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XCOR X-Racer Videos

6 Aug , 2009 by

The XCOR X-Racer Prototype, built for the Rocket Racing League was flown at the AirVenture 2008, and XCOR just released a couple of videos. This is an onboard camera split view from one flight and its a lot of fun to watch. The pilot is Richard Searfoss, Astronaut (former) and Col. USAF (Ret.), and the Flight Test Engineer is Mark Street.

Below is a music video showing a sped-up version of getting the X-Racer ready to go, and the flight.

For more information on the X-racer and the Rocket Racing League, check out XCOR’s website.

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3 Responses

  1. Manu says:

    Poor Flight Test Engineer looks like he’s going to get sick any moment…
    Maybe this is just my imagination though, I’m getting sick just looking at this…

  2. Rocketplumber says:

    Nah, Mark was just very focused on his job- monitoring the engine instrumentation to let Rick do the flying. Mark is a pilot, owns a Pitts Special, and does NOT have any problems with motion sickness. I get the same look on my face when I’m in the right seat, too, it’s just concentration.

    When we’re going vertical in an Immelman, I do get a little distracted, though…

  3. Manu says:

    OK, thanks! I’m relieved for him!

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