Symbol for Uranus

Article Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

The astronomical symbol for Uranus is a circle with a dot at its center, with a spear pointing off the top. If this looks familiar, you’re right. The symbol for Uranus is actually combination of the symbol for the Sun mixed with the symbol for Mars. In Greek mythology, Uranus represented heaven, and represents the combined power of the Sun and spear of Mars.

The symbol for Uranus is also the same as the alchemical symbol for platinum.

Uranus in astrology

Uranus in astrology

The astrological symbol of Uranus is actually different from the astronomical symbol. The astrological symbol looks like an H with a dot below it. This symbol was suggest by Lalande in 1784 to celebrate the discoverer of Uranus, William Herschel.

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We have recorded an episode of Astronomy Cast just about Uranus. You can access it here: Episode 62: Uranus.

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