How Long is a Year on Uranus?

Article Updated: 24 Dec , 2015

Uranus is so far away from the Sun, so how long is a year on Uranus? Uranus takes 84.3 Earth years to go around the Sun. So, if we all came from Uranus, almost everyone wouldn’t have experienced even their first birthday. Just the occasional person would have actually had a single birthday.

During its orbit around the Sun, Uranus ranges in distance from 2.75 billion to 3 billion kilometers. This is because Uranus, like all the planets, follows an elliptical path around the Sun.

One of the most bizarre aspects of Uranus is its axial tilt. While the Earth has a tilt of 23.5 degrees, the tilt of Uranus is 99 degrees. What this means is that the planet is completely tilted over on its side. This has a dramatic effect on the planet’s seasons. The north pole of Uranus experiences 42 years in darkness, pointed away from the Sun, and then it experiences 42 years of sunlight, where the Sun never goes down. One at the equator does one ever experience anything like what we have on Earth, with regular day night cycles.

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