Picture of the planet Venus. Image credit: NASA/JPL

How Long is a Year on Venus

15 May , 2008 by

Venus takes 224.7 Earth days to complete one orbit around the Sun. So a year on Venus is 0.62 as long as an Earth year.

One interesting fact about Venus is that a day on Venus is actually longer than a year on Venus. A Venusian day lasts 243 days, and a year is 224 days. That means that the day on Venus is 19 days longer than the year.

Another interesting fact is that a Venus rotates backwards compared to the other planets in the Solar System. So on Venus, the Sun rises in the West, and sets in the East. Of course, since it takes 243 days to complete a year, one of these days lasts a long long time.

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cool dude 5
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